Partner 1 - University of Exeter

The Exeter team at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry are playing a key role in the scientific discovery and management of the CEED3 project, and is the coordinating partner. The Exeter Diabetes Genetics Centre, headed by Professor Andrew Hattersley is one of the leading international centres for basic and clinical research into diabetes genetics and their clinical application.

The group works in 2 key areas: 

  • Monogenic diabetes
  • Polygenic disease with an emphasis on Type 2 diabetes and related traits

Exeter has particular expertise and experience in taking laboratory and clinical observations through to changes in clinical practice. This has been mainly achieved in monogenic diabetes where they have established diagnostic tests and specific therapies that are most appropriate for these patients.

University of Exeter PI: Professor Andrew Hattersley
Professor of Molecular Medicine, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
More information about Professor Hattersley's research

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