Partner 4 - Lund University Hospital

The Lund University Diabetes research Centre (LUDC) was founded in 2006, under the supervision of Professor Leif Groop. Funded by a Swedish Research Council grant, the centre combines 10 teams of scientists with expertise in endocrinology, stem cells, pancreatic β-cells, inflammation and (cardio)vascular  complications.

The Lund team are coordinating CEED3 work on β-cell dysfunction and diabetes complications. Their main tasks include generating and validating genetic markers and biomarkers for these areas, and testing their applicability to clinical care.

Lund has longstanding expertise in human genetics, clinical diabetes, metabolism, genetic epidemiology and mapping loci for various elements of the metabolic syndrome.

Lund University Hospital PI: Professor Leif Groop
Department of Clinical Sciences - Diabetes and Endocrinology
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