Partner 10 - Folkhälsan Research Center, University of Helsinki

The Folkhälsan Research Center is part of the Folkhälsan, a private non-profit organisation focusing on research and provision of health care. In 1997 the centre launched a nationwide, multi-centre study FinnDiane (the Finnish Diabetic Nephropathy Study) laying the foundations for extensive study of the genetics of diabetic complications. The main objective is to identify clinical, biochemical, environmental, life style and genetic markers and risk factors for the development and progression of complications in patients with type 1 diabetes.

The Folkhälsan team is led by Professor Per-Henrik Groop, Head of the Department of Diabetes Genetics at the centre, whose work focuses on the development of diabetic complications with emphasis on diabetic nephropathy. The team’s role in CEED3 includes the identification of genetic and non-genetic biomarkers for diabetic nephropathy.

University of Helsinki PI: Professor Per-Henrik Groop
Folkhälsan Research Cente, University of Helsinki 

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