Partner 11 - Technical University Dresden, Germany

The Diabetes Centre sits within TUD’s Department of Medicine III with a research programme covering cell biology, genetics, pathogenesis and prevention of diabetes. The Centre provides the largest metabolic ward in Germany, and has extensive expertise in investigating clinical effects in diabetes prevention. It is the only diabetes centre in Germany funded in the elite initiative by the DGR with an Excellence Cluster

CEED3 in Dresden is overseen by Dr Peter Schwarz, who is in charge of the clinical prevention research facilities and molecular genetics laboratory at the Department. Dr Schwarz has an excellent reputation in diabetology and disease prevention, leading the “Diabetes prevention” workgroup of the German Diabetes Association.

TUD is contributing to several areas of the CEED3 project through its work on genetic samples, and will be involved in the description and translation of genetic data into relevant clinical application.

Dr Peter Schwarz
Department of Internal Medicine III, Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital / Technical University Dresden

For more information about Dr Schwarz's diabetes research at Technical University Dresden please click here