Recent Publications

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The following papers have been supported by the CEED3 project:

Lead Author Other Authors Publication Title Date Publishedsort icon Journal Volume Pages
Boj SF Servitja JM, Martin D, Rios M, Talianidis I, Guigo R, Ferrer J. Functional targets of the monogenic diabetes transcription factors HNF-1alpha and HNF-4alpha are highly conserved between mice and humans. February 2009 Diabetes May 2009;58(5) 1245-53
Schwarz PE Li J, Reimann M, Schutte AE, Bergmann A, Hanefeld M, Bornstein SR, Schulze J, Tuomilehto J, Lindström J The Finnish Diabetes Risk Score Is Associated with Insulin Resistance and Progression towards Type 2 Diabetes. December 2008 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Mar;94(3) 920-6
Schwarz PE Li J, Lindstrom J, Tuomilehto J Tools for predicting the risk of type 2 diabetes in daily practice November 2008 Hormone and Metabolic Research Feb;41(2) 86-97
Lango H UK Type 2 Diabetes Genetics Consortium, Palmer CN, Morris AD, Zeggini E, Hattersley AT, McCarthy MI, Frayling TM, Weedon MN. Assessing the combined impact of 18 common genetic variants of modest effect sizes on type 2 diabetes risk June 2008 Diabetes Nov;57(11) 3129-35